Kalamazoo – Junior Short

Synergy (Leaside SC): Black with piano key motif down front. 15 + 1. “Chopsticks” Piano. Block transitions smooth. Pivot one line way out of place. Circle footwork good, shape bit off. Two lines – spirals feet really close to faces of the line behind ! then split into 4 lines. Triangle intersection one bump got through. No hold – one foot footwork lines pretty lined up then fall. 4 spoke no hold center traveled ok but very not far. Change direction was a bit skidded.

Score: 34.59


Hockettes: royal blue silver sparkles. 16 + 2. brown skates. Pop. No hold – some problems pretty good unison in block then fall. 4 spoke travel smooth and symmetric. Some fumbling into block transition strong pivot but losing handholds then two falls on turns. Triangle intersection clean. Circle deep edges some asynchronous footwork held shape ok. Spirals in pairs some leg bobbling but strong edges.

Score:  28.09


Chicago Jazz: Black white trim.  16 + 2. Untouchables. Nice twizzles into block. Pivot held strong. Triangle intersection clean. 4 spoke no hold center was very wide spaced in travel and slightly asymmetric. No hold were really trying to hold the edges. Illusion spin. Fan kick. Two line spirals split to 4 lines all legs came down synchronously. Circle footwork – being very careful. Circle shape ok – a bit squished at end.

Score: 39.65


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