Kalamazoo – Juvenile

Starlights: Navy with white trim. 18 + 3. Swing. Block – small break. No hold simple footwork, lines mostly straight. Elbow hold in line, spiral block lines were out of place, 4 spoke bit asymetric traveled strong. Box intersection got through. MII 135’s. Back lunge intersection two falls. Line fast, bit curved. Fan kicks. Circle took a long time to form. Footwork to music. Two spoke a bit curved.

Chicago Jazz: White hot pink sash. 19 + 2. Mary Poppins. Swing through and eagles. Box intersection got through. Swing to two line spirals – good. Circle nice shape and footwork ok. Some waltzing moves. Circle travel strong. No hold cute really trying to hold edges. Inventive intersection slow. Lines pivoted strong. Two spoke to three spoke to block – pretty smooth. Block footwork also synchronized. Big break in block. MII back spin with illusion. Strong transitions.

Hockettes: Navy and white. 16. Train theme. Triangle intersection forward clean. Two lines to one bit messy on transition back lunge. Two circles traveled ok. Fall in transition to circle footwork. Block fast but some fumbles. Pivot block held strong. Transition to three spoke – three spoke not symmetric. Two line intersection clean. Two spoke no center hold strong. ?Parallel to circle shape not held. MII catchfoots and eagles. Nice high energy, tried a lot of difficult transitions.

Chicago Radiance: Purple white trim. 14. Romeo and Juliet medley. MII 135s. Fall in center. Block pivot stopped at boards. Some fumbling for handholds and turns not synchronized. Two spoke big break – then got traveling. Two line intersection not synchronous. Two circles some travel. Circle asymetric footwork and shape. Traveled basketweave well. Triangle intersection forward clean. Line took a long time to form big break. Spirals nice.

Fond du Lac Blades: Lime green blue trim. 15. Fall x 2 in set up. Arm band came off. Pop Medley. Swing through. No hold out of synch footwork. Block fall skating really fast (rushing a bit). Circle ok, travel didn’t move very far. Lines ok, break – pivot good. Parallel pretty straight and fast. Three spoke no hold center traveled strong and symmetric. Triangle intersection forward with turns clean. MII 135s.

Saint Louis Synergy: Teal, pink and lime green. 15. Circus. 4 line intersection to 3 spoke nice transition. Traveled strong but didn’t have much ice left to move. Block slow but unison footwork. No hold bit messy lines. Line good synchronization, moved slowly. Pivot swung a bit. Fan intersection clean. Circle no travel. Waltzing. Circle footwork careful, slow. Circle huge fall and took a while to get back in. Triangle intersection clean. MII 135s. Recovered well from the fall.

Crystallettes: White fuschia trim. 15 + 1. Fall in warm up. “A Kiss on the Hand”. No hold a bit messy and fall. Block fast but messy. Good parallel wheel straight. Three spoke with center circle to traveling 3 strong. Line breaks in the two lines. Fast transitions. Fan intersection big bump and fall. Circle strong expansion but another fall. Circle travel strong. Block fast some shifting of lines. Triangle intersection clean. MII 135s.

Cleveland Edges: Beige military. 17. Fall in set up. WWII military. Nice marching . Block fall then huge break with two skaters out. Got back into synch. Three spoke traveled easily and smooth. Three line egg beater. Triangle intersection clean. Double circle traveled pretty well – fast and mostly symmetric. Circle dancing. Two lines fast join to single line little bit curved. Back lunge intersection got through. Parallel ok. MII strong sit spins. Nice choreography.

Phoenix: Hunter green gold trim. 18 + 2. Modern military. Block – some breaks interesting switch of skaters. Some fumbling into the 4 spoke which bunched up. 3 line parallel wheel pretty straight. Three circles. Interesting swing transitions that work. Circle lumpy but traveled far. Fan intersection clean. Two lines pivoted nicely. Block moved quickly. Footwork fairly simple. Two lines. MII intersecting spirals to egg beater.

Wisconsin Edge scratched.

Lot more teams doing back lunge intersections this year.


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