Kalamazoo – Senior Short

Starlights: Purple. 16 + 3. Madonna Just like a prayer. Pivot into block ok lines a bit wide 135s – one girl dropped her leg. Spirals 3 lines to change hold 3 lines. No hold lines not lined up. Footwork – some bobbles. Two spoke very wide center took a long time to join, then two spoke to 3 spoke – nice transition. Triangle intersection clean. Block transitions generally good – pivot lines close. Some bumping into the circle footwork ok. Shape got a bit squished at end.

Score: 40.34

Crystallettes: Purple, light purple trim. 16 + 3. Foot Loose. Pivot block strong slight line movement. Pivot 4 lines strong. No hold – 135s solid position with change edge. Line straight into back spirals in pair then into line. Circle footwork strong. No hold not lined up going in or throughout. Got back into position at end. Nice energy. Two spoke very wide center and lines a bit curved. Three spoke also a bit curved then got straight. Triangle intersection clean.

Score: 56.80

Western Michigan University SST: Blue with sparkles. 16 + 2. Cole Porter. Ballroom. Block – pivot lines slid at beginning then lined up. Good transition into 3 spoke. Two spoke travel smooth and very straight. Triangle interscection clean. No hold somewhat out of line at beginning but generally people were in place. Slowish. Circle 135s held but shape got bent as people drifted out of position. Spirals 4 lines – change edges good. Pair eagles pivoting ok. Circle footwork ok.

Score: 41.50


3 Responses to Kalamazoo – Senior Short

  1. Diane Wright says:

    WMU skated 16+2

  2. skatejudge says:

    Thanks – I edited the post.

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